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Velleman k8200

The Velleman K8200 is a build it yourself 3D printer kit to print objects of maximum 20 x 20 x 20 cm using PLA or ABS 3mm filament. It is an extremely fast, reliable and precise printer even when printing at higher speeds. The K8200 is compatible with all free RepRap software and firmware. It is […]


Felix 2.0

FELIX 2.0 * More reliable printing of large object due to very even heat distribution of heated bed. * Stand-alone printing out of the box, no constant need of a computer. * Higher quality prints. * Reduced assembly time of at least 3-4 hours. Get your printer up and running significantly faster, without soldering. NEW […]


The Scanadu Scout – Revolutionary

Another revolutionary product. A hand held scanner packed with sensors that enables  anyone to conduct sophisticated physical exams — in a snap. Simply place the Scanadu Scout™ to the forehead. As if it is reading your mind, the Scanadu Scout™ detects problems early. It  potentially decreases hospital readmissions, and the costs of managing chronic conditions […]


Robo 3D news update

We guess the guys and girls at the Robo 3D workshop are really getting down to the nitty gritty of manufacturing on a larger scale, yet they still have had time to create their online manual for the Robo 3D desktop printer. You can access it here online. September is approaching fast. What will you print […]


My choice for this week

[fvplayer src=’′ autoplay=false] Ok, now i’m not that squeamish, unless its a daddy long leg and that’s then takes us to a whole new dimension of fear.  But when I saw this (Thanks Dave E) and I managed to pull myself out from under the bedclothes I was both impressed and marvelled at the sheer […]