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We have a simple but important company value at 3D FilaPrint.  We strive to offer a wide range of 3D printing filaments at competitive prices to anyone who owns and operates a 3D Desktop printer.

Our company started in early 2013 with a passion for 3D printing and all things techy.  Four years on (now 2017) and we still have that same feeling of excitement when we see our 3D printers making something from a plastic string!  Maybe like you, we still find ourselves sitting and watching, mesmerised whilst the printer is creating something either we have downloaded or have designed ourselves.


Our philosophy has always been to offer our valued customers a wide choice of filament at a competitive price.  At 3D FilaPrint we have made sure that not only do we have the widest selection of  filaments on sale in the UK from around the world, we are also probably the cheapest. Sure you may find other sites that sell filaments at a price similar to ours, but check out the costs of delivery and you will see the difference, we offer FREE DELIVERY in the UK on all our filaments, the price that you see is the price that you pay.  We are also UK VAT registered and are fully insured for all our product and commercial liabilities.  If you are a visiting enthusiast from outside the UK then we also offer the very best price for shipping overseas.

As a team we continuously endeavour to keep up with all that is new in 3D printing and remind our customers of some of the great things that have passed that should not be forgotten, like how to troubleshoot failed prints!  Read and bookmark this page https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/ you will be glad you did.

Manufacturers from around the world contact 3D FilaPrint to share news of their latest filament innovations, we then share that news with you.

3D printing filaments are changing constantly and the applications for which they are useful become even more wide ranging.  Stick with 3D printing and you can be sure of one thing, “expect the unexpected”.

Have a great time 3D desktop printing, we hope you enjoy this amazing journey.

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