Big Bad Bash

Who said that nothing in life was free?  Well, we disagree and so do many of our friends.


That’s because we are proud and privileged to have some talented professional musical artistes,  that have generously agreed (no arm twisting honest) to put on a musical extravaganza for your pleasure, absolutely FREE.

Where you ask? – Dont’ know is the answer, but we will know eventually and it will be somewhere in the southend, Benfleet, Basildon, wickford, Thorpe Bay, Ashingdon area.

When you ask?  Not sure of that either, sometime this summer, but we will certainly let you know, well in advance so that you can cancel everything else and attend our party.  However what we do know is that you will be treated to  musical afternoon and evening from some of the finest musicians and vocalists that Essex has to offer.  It will be a day and night that you will remember for a lifetime, in fact you will be telling stories about this event to your children, children’s children and your children’s childrens’ children.

Why you ask?  Because sometimes in life things are just meant to be, plus any donations that are received on the day will be going to the charity of the artists choice.  That’s 100% of the monies raised, in fact the musicians, bands and singers have actually donated money themselves to play!  Now how generous is that.  More on this later, all you will need to do is register your interest for the event here   there is absolutely no commitment on your behalf, this just gives us, the organisers an idea of scale.

Children are welcome (but no pets -sorry).   We want you to bring your own picnic, party bits and drinks.  Chairs and fold away tables are most welcome.  A sense of generosity and well being is mandatory and a love of music a must.  This is a casual event with some planning involved.  Washroom facilities will be available on the chosen site.

more later


Sponsored by The Stage House & 3D FilaPrint

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