Doodle 3d wifi kit

Hi Backers,

This last week has been one of ‘much progress’. We had a supermegawork session last wednesday and sat together, wearing our Doodle3D t-shirts, working on all kinds of last strings.

One of the main issues we worked on is connecting Doodle3D to a Makerbot 3D printer. Not a very easy job because of the totally different way of dealing with printerdata. Because we promised the Makerbot users out there we would make it work we used a backers Makerbot Replicator 2 to do the testing. Well, finally at 10 PM we made it sing a tune which was, at that point, great progress. By the time we finished the session we could make it move and at this moment we are glad to announce that we’re almost ready in using Doodle3D to print a doodle on the replicator 2. Step by step as you can tell.

Of course we addressed a lot more issues during this long and productive day but we will inform you about them in a later update.

The thing we would like to tell you this week is that the full Doodle3D team will be present at the Groningen Mini Maker Faire on Saturday october 12th. That day the entire team will be busy with all kinds of things surrounding the upcoming delivery of Doodle3D.


You can read the full update here