EMOTIV INSIGHT Project Update #51

Thank you to all the Backers who have provided us with their expert knowledge to assist in addressing some of the challenges or made introductions to potential solution providers. We really couldn’t make Insight without each and everyone of you. This is an incredible journey for everyone as we break new ground in engineering revolutionary technology and explore new, never-done-before manufacturing techniques.  All of the support and advice, as you pull together behind us to help make Insight is truly heroic. 

Update Contents: 

  • USA Science & Engineering Festival (4/26-27, 2014)
  • Hackendo (4/26-27, 2014)
  • NeuroGaming Brainihack (5/3-4, 2014)
  • NeuroGaming Conference & Expo (5/7-8, 2014)
  • In Recent News
  • New Estimated Delivery Timeline
  • Partner/Backer Prototype Run
  • Manufacturing Injection Moulding Trials
  • Reference Arm (Ear Hook)
  • Electronics
  • Insight Extender

USA Science & Engineering Festival (4/26-27, 2014)

We were thrilled to sponsor and participate in the USA Science & Engineering Festival at Washington DC this year and inspire young minds to innovate. Emotiv is a proud supporter of STEAM and Education.

Hackendo (4/26-27, 2014) 

Hackendo Internet of Things Hackathon in San Francisco was a blast! 3 teams developed cool applications using our EPOC brainwear!  It was fantastic to meet some of the innovators and makers in our local San Francisco community!

NeuroGaming Brainihack (5/3-4, 2014) 


Neurogaming and Brainihack hosted an incredible weekend hackathon!  We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and passion that these local hackers and citizen scientists have for neurotechnology.  Pictured above are the crew of hackers that spent the two days working with Emotiv tech for their projects.  We were so hyped that the top 3 winning teams used Emotiv as their brainwear device of choice!!  Awesome work and congratulations to everyone who participated.

NeuroGaming Conference & Expo (5/7-8, 2014) 

Kudos to Zack Lynch and his team for curating another impressive NeuroGaming Conference & Expo. We were delighted to meet lots of enthusiastic supporters of Emotiv, especially several of our very own Insight Kickstarter backers!  Insight prototype units were road tested, alongside EPOC demos, with iPad applications for MindZen, Persona and Focused Mind Challenge.

Shout out to Adam Rizkalla, our Firmware Engineer, who took some time out from programming to hang out with the community!
Shout out to Adam Rizkalla, our Firmware Engineer, who took some time out from programming to hang out with the community!

In Recent News

Emotiv Insight Brainwear Update

New Estimated Delivery Timeline

The following table provides our “best guess” estimate of the expected release dates for the Insight and Extender:

  • Partner: February – May 2014
  •  Education Sponsor: November 2014
  •  Research First Edition: November-December 2014
  •  Developer First Edition: December 2014
  • Insight Classic White: commencing December 2014
  •  Insight Stealth Black: commencing January 2015
  •  Insight Extender: January-February 2015

Partner/Backer Prototype Run 

Partner-backer units have been completed and firmware, iOS and PC software interfaces are now finalized. Units will commence shipping over the next few days. We held back on shipping to make sure we could integrate fully with Bluetooth 4.0LE devices.

Manufacturing Injection Moulding Trials

Emotiv Copyrighted Image
Emotiv Copyrighted Image

Our investigation into fabrication methods for the sensor arms has finally resulted in a viable process which will have a high quality cosmetic finish. We have located a new injection molding partner who has a great deal of experience in overmolding inserted electronic parts in a double-shot process. Given the low yield and difficulty with the earlier method, we have decided once again to trial the rear Pz arm before committing to the remaining arms and tools. We have placed an order for tooling to commence using the new method, and we expect to see sample parts in the first week of July, with some fine tuning expected to take a few more weeks.

Emotiv Copyrighted Image
Emotiv Copyrighted Image

At that point we will use the results to refine the design of the remaining arms and we will commence tooling for the remaining arms and other parts in early August, with expected off tool samples available in early October, when the entire design will be passed to our Contract Manufacturer. Barring additional delays on this timetable we expect to be in full production in December, delivering initial units in January 2015.

Reference Arm (Ear Hook)

We discovered some issues with fitment of the ear hook/reference sensor housing on small head sizes and unusual shapes. We have changed the design to address these issues and we will be prototyping our proposed solution this month, in plenty of time to catch up with the manufacturing schedule for the remaining parts of the Insight headset. The new design uses a smaller and narrower sensor housing and it will include the ability to deform the arm to shape in order to adjust for all possible head shapes and sizes. We will release an image of the revised design which we think will improve the overall appearance of the Insight as well as improving its utility.

Emotiv Copyrighted Image
Emotiv Copyrighted Image


Our electronic circuit designs are settled and the interfaces are now working extremely well. Our Extender program highlighted an issue with the USB chip selected for Insight, which will be replaced and tested over the coming weeks.

We are able to achieve very good EEG signal quality approaching that achieved with wet sensors when some care is taken to place the headset and especially after a brief period of settling has elapsed (under two minutes).

We have put some effort into revising our production plan based on revised tooling delays and the need to re-engineer the arm structures. We are committed to making the Insight a high quality product and apologize for these unanticipated delays. Unfortunately the program has blown out by a further few months as a result of these problems. We will continue to provide our backers with monthly updates on our progress.

Insight Extender

Preliminary electronic designs have been completed and key components are undergoing initial testing. We discovered a speed issue with the key USB interface chip on the existing Insight design, which will be rectified and tested. Extender development is progressing to schedule.

We’ve had a spectacular month and hope you have, too. It’s been such a flurry of conferences, hackathons, meetings, and heads down development – we almost didn’t realize it’s Summer! We’re whole heartedly dedicated to making Insight for all of you and look forward to when we deliver Insight into your hands and onto your heads!


Tan and the Emotiv Team