Advances in filaments drive change
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**New In**

updated 13/05/2018
We endeavour to add filaments that will be useful for you and your 3D printer, possibly with the bonus of prompting some new ideas, adding to that long list of "things" you want or just need to print!
**New in**
PP is an easy to print general purpose low density Polypropylene. PP has high stretch ability, decent flexibility and chemical/fatigue resistance makes it suitable for a variety of household articles and containers. Dishwasher proof.
The new Polyshable 3D printing filament! Create wonderfully smooth prints by using the Polymaker Polysher™ and unique Polysmooth™ filament.
Check out this great review by Ian & Sue Hiscocks here.
FilaPrint PET-G poly(ethylene terephthalate) - is glycol modified PET filament (a polymer resin of the polyester family).  If you do not wish to print with ABS and need a filament that is both strong, impact resistant and durable, even for the most demanding applications.  Food safe accpetable.
ABS X is the next-generation ABS filament. By applying zero warp technology to the filament it has created an ABS filament with far less cracking, near perfect interlayers, reliable bed adhesion.
High - T - Lay  A water soluble support filament.
3DXSTAT™ ESD PETG is an advanced ESD-Safe compound designed for use in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and a high level of cleanliness.  Manufactured with consistency in mind - 3DXTech starts with premium PETG resin and then compounded according to a proprietary formulation of multi-wall carbon nanotubes and process / dispersion modifiers - giving you a filament with excellent printing characteristics and consistent ESD properties.  Target surface resistance:  10^7 to 10^9 Ohm.