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Another Bucanneer Update

End-Jan Update: Refunds, Shipping Schedules and Some Prints

 Hi Backers,

Nice to see you again. Let’s dive into this end-of-month update

1) Delays for January Refunds

We acknowledge that there has been a delay in the refunds recently, and that has been really frustrating for us as well because it was matters out of our hands. Here is the run-down for the reason why it is delayed:

What we were trying to achieve:

Processing of refunds out of Paypal USA account

What happened: 

End 3rd Week Dec – Wired funds from Singapore bank account to USA bank account

4th week Dec – USA bank received funds, wired funds into Paypal

1st week Jan – Paypal showed funds but could not do anything with it

End 1st week Jan – Got on call with Paypal USA. New regulations stated I needed a social security number, which is a big problem since I am not a citizen and there was nothing they could do for me if I didn’t have it. I inquired how long it would take for me to apply for one and it turned out to be 6-8 weeks. That was way too long.

Start 2nd week Jan – Cancelled fund transfer and moved funds from Paypal USA to USA bank.

End 2nd week Jan – Funds received and wired from USA bank to Singapore bank.

Start 3rd week Jan – Funds received by Singapore bank and pushed into Paypal International

End 3rd week Jan – Paypal International finally received funds

Currently – Processing of refunds

So there you go. You can see that multiple steps were required, and all of them needed us to “wait a few working days” before the next step. Hopefully we won’t run into similar hiccups again.

2) Shipping Schedule 

Shipping has been going on smoothly, with some Backers getting their printers, and it’s great to see the feedback on our forum. For those of you who want to see what’s been up, please sign up for our forum and join our community 🙂 (

We are always trying to make improvements to our machine even while production is going on. While we usually cannot come out to talk about all the going-ons in operations, sometimes we get suppliers with odd quality parts which steal quite some time from us.

Additionally if you reject a lot of parts, you have to wait almost the full lead time again for the next batch, so we have to manage however we can. Production will carry on and we will keep you updated on your shipment schedule.

 3) New Stress Test Prints 

Backer Timothy Moeyaertt asked us to make these to test our printer, so we did them back to back in one shot, here you go:

4) Something fun for everyone 

Transformers, Tardis in Disguise!


It’s been a trying month for us, but we hope everyone understands that we are doing our best with what we have, and are definitely still striving to bring your printers to you.

Fair Winds,


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