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Canary Home Security Update


Hi friends and supporters,

Our initial shipments over the past few weeks marked the very first production-level Canary devices being shipped out into the world. This is a huge milestone. Thanks again to those of you who are in this initial group and have been giving us feedback.

We deliberately kept these shipments very small so that we could solicit feedback and monitor the stability of these units closely—we’ve been in direct contact with nearly everyone we’ve shipped to. The initial plan was that we would scale up the number being shipped out based on feedback from these first users confirming that everything met our standards. Our goal was that after getting several hundred out, we would be able to quickly ramp up to shipping thousands each week and get devices to all of you within an 8-week rollout.

We learned over the past few weeks that even though the hardware is ready, it will be impossible for us to fully hit that schedule.

Among the positive feedback, we’ve heard that the setup process is simple and exceeds expectations, the video picture quality is great, and that the app interface is intuitive (with a few tweaks that we’re working on).

The feedback also identified a few issues that we must improve for the overall product quality to meet our high standards. Fortunately, nothing is hardware-related. The device continues to be manufactured and the product quality is outstanding, but there are still a few software improvements needed before we flip the switch to a full rollout. We have a clear understanding of what we need to do and we’ll be posting regular updates from now until we ship all units out.

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