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A canary update


Friends of Canary:

Happy Holidays from the Canary team! So much has happened since our last update. Our CTO, Chris, returned from China right before Thanksgiving. Instead of turkey, he returned with nearly 100 Canary prototypes! These are working units with video, audio, and all the sensors that will be in the final product. While most of the team took a few days off for the holidays, our embedded software team just couldn’t be pulled away from their new “toys.” Here’s a couple of the guys burning the midnight oil as they continue testing and playing with the new prototypes.

In January, we will have tooling samples. The tooling samples will be of the same quality as the final products off the production line. (Yes, that is a very exciting milestone.) Then in February, the review process will commence…

Read the rest of our update on the recently-launched Canary blog

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