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Cant wait to get our hands on this!

So this is the latest in 3D desktop printing, the ROBO 3D, a single extruder model that can use both PLA & ABS Filaments.  At a price that just may well make 3D printing mainstream, or so the boys at are hoping for.  We bought this new style printer not just purely for its looks , even though it does look pretty cool, for just $699 dollars, which if the printer lives up to the hype we think it is a good buy.

We placed our order about three weeks ago and have been informed by Braydon Moreno (now that’s definitely a cool name, right up there with Snake Pliskin, who told us that delivery will not be until at least the end of August 2013.  That’s if there aren’t any issues along the way, but we will keep you posted, so don’t forget to check back from time to time.

When we have our definite delivery date we will post it on our what’s on and where calendar, there you can then add it to your diary at the click of a button.

What will you print today


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