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CreoPop Update

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5 days ago

Hello friends and supporters,

I am now back in Singapore after 10 days at our manufacturing facility in China. CreoPop was selected as one of the 20 hottest start-ups by Singapore Business Review and I came back for the award ceremony today.


I currently have five team members, plus the contract manufacturer, on the ground in China. We have made good progress on manufacturing and the basic functionality of the CreoPop pens is now considered stable. At this moment in time we are doing Ongoing Reliability Testing (ORT) to induce fatigue damage of the components and coating materials. This is to limit future customer irritation and warranty issues due to wear and tear that may appear over time. We have a current issue with the coating of the plastic parts so we are testing three new types of coating from different contract manufacturers. This issue does not impair the functionality of the pen but it could make the coating look less nice after extended use so we want to address it before we start mass manufacturing. We are also systematically going through and testing wear and tear of different components and will swap components in case they fail the ORT assessment. Ongoing testing during this week and next is key to achieve stable ORT results.


We have selected a packaging supplier and done a first batch of packages as per the below image. We are making some minor modifications to the interior of the packaging as well as exploring different cover images.

Looking Good!

Instruction Manual

We have developed drafts for the CreoPop Instruction Manual, Quick Start Guide and Ink Leaflet for the ink packages. I am sharing the various instruction manuals in the Dropbox folder below so that you can familiarize yourselves with your CreoPop pen ahead of getting it delivered.

Rachel, who has drafted the manuals, hope that at least some of you will take the time to read the manuals as a lot of manuals end up in the rubbish bin on the first day. Please drop us a mail to in case you think anything is unclear in the instruction material or if you have any other comments that can help us improve.

I will update you again as soon as we have some more news to share.

Best wishes,
Andreas Birnik
Co-Founder & CEO @CreoPop

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