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Kreyos – getting close

13 hours ago



As mentioned, the 1st batch of Meteors is still in the ocean so the plan is, IF the 2nd batch arrives in Singapore before the cargo already underway arrives in our US distribution facility, we will immediately begin shipping from there–still making sure that we ship orders in the chronology in which we received them. We will be shipping out a 2nd batch early next week and a 3rd batch at the end of the month.

In light of this new logistics arrangement, We anticipate that all backers and customers who have pre-ordered the Meteor will receive their orders early August at the latest but we are optimistic in fulfilling all customer orders within July– a full 30 days earlier than what it would’ve taken had we shipped the subsequent batch to our US facilities similar to the first batch of Meteors that are underway.

However, In the interest of transparency, we want to make you aware of a possible hitch for the first batch of Meteors we sent underway to the US might encounter: We learned that there might be a possible shipping disruption due to west coast longshoremen contract negotiations. You can read about that development here for more more information. Please note This only affects the first 5,000 Meteors we already have underway and, as stated, THIS DOES NOT AFFECT OUR DELIVERY ESTIMATES as we will ship orders to early backers whom we allotted the first 5,000 Meteors to from Singapore in the event that the longshoremen contract negotiations do affect our US-bound shipment.

Everything else is going smoothly. The team will now shift its focus on polishing up the features included in the first version of the Kreyos companion mobile applications as they are integral components in making sure that you get the most out value and utility from your experience using the Kreyos Meteor.

We would like to thank everyone for your patience and for sticking with us throughout the project. We’re finally here.

Best Regards,The Kreyos Team


13 hours ago

Hey guys!

We’re excited to announce that the remaining batch of speakers has arrived in our factory a couple of days ago and our assembly line has been firing on all cylinders to make sure we churn out the last batch of Meteors for distribution.

If you recall, the speakers were the last remaining component of the Meteor we were waiting on to complete our production run. Due to several rather unfortunate circumstances (read about our blog post that provides more detail on the Typhoon that devastated the Chinese provinces where our manufacturing partners’ factories are located here), our suppliers were only able to deliver 5,000 speakers which we used to complete the first 5,000 units that comprise the first batch. The first batch of Meteors, as previously stated, will be allocated to our early Indiegogo backers. This batch is currently underway by vessel to our distribution facilities in the US. We will post an updated schedule and ETA as soon as the initial inventory hits our distribution facilities and everything is finalized with our partner couriers who will do the “last mile” distribution to your doorsteps.

You can check out pictures of our assembly line humming nicely on the next update (we reached our character limit on this post)

We expect the team to take no longer than 10 days to complete the production run for the remaining units. As soon as the Meteors are churned out, we will waste no time in forwarding them to our distribution facilities from where they can be shipped out individually to the remaining backers who aren’t included in the first batch and to the rest of our customers who have pre-ordered the Meteor.

Another great piece of news we wanted to share is that we have reached an agreement with a separate logistics company who are able to ship orders from a distribution facility in Singapore to the US and the rest of the world. Considering the geographical proximity of Singapore to China, we are expecting to shave off around 30 days from the time it would’ve taken the remaining inventory to reach our distribution center in the US and shipping the orders to our customers from there.

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