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LayBrick 3D printing filament

The LayBrick 3D printer filament has been developed by Kai Parthy , along with the other premium filaments Laywoo-D3 and Bendlay.   Which we also have in stock.

The filament can be used for very large objects (make sure you have a big enough bed) as it has almost Zero warp.  The filament is available in both 3mm & 1.75mm in a 7 Metre wrap and a full coil which weighs approximately 250 gms.  The length of one whole 3mm coil is approximately 28 metres.

Printing within a 165°C – 190°C temperature range, produces a smoother finish, while higher temperatures, above 210°C, produces the rougher, sandstone like finish.  The filament should be printed on a cold bed.  As with some other filaments you may have to adjust settings to get the best prints.

LayBrick is perfect for sculpture modelling and architectural pieces.  You can check out the 3ders insight into LayBrick here

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