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A manufacturing update

bucaneer 1

Hi everyone,

I am back with a quick update on the manufacturing, will post up more pictures in the next few updates. Let’s make this one short and sweet and go through what’s going on.

Mission: Use batch 1 as a learning journey for contract manufacturers and slowly ramp up production for April.

Current production capacity: 10 / day

Aimed production capacity: 100 / day

Mechanicals: All going good, all the frames are built up and ready to roll. Mechanical parts awaiting assembly due to lateness of other areas.

Casing: Slightly uneven surface caused a few days delay. Rectified and rolling as planned.

Electronics: PCBs have arrived and integration has started. SD cards were delayed, arriving 30th Jan and burning will commence.

Power Supply: Arriving Feb 7th. Corrective action taken, dropping late supplier and sourcing for a more reliable one for April.

Filament: Arriving Feb 9th-15th. Issues at China Factory with workers running off for Chinese New Year did not help.

Expected date of first shipped Buccaneer: 10th Feb, hinging on filament/power supply and acceptable quality test results off the line.

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