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Matterform Update Are you ready to test


Drew  Cox posted an announcement       1 day ago
Call For Testers!

Hey Guys! I’ve got 45 beta units starting to show up at our door! And I wanted to see if anyone was interested in helping us test them.
There are just a few small things you need to know in order to be a tester.  1) You MUST give us your feedback. This will come to you in the form of a questionare. This is a MUST. Otherwise we can’t improve!  2) You MUST have a windows 7 or higher machine. Mac and Linux are still in the works.  3) You MUST have already ordered a scanner  4) You MUST be in Canada or the United States.  5) Your chances are better if you are a backer (the earliest backers get preference).  6) Your chances are better the closer you are to Toronto. Shipping charges suck. However, we won’t rule you out if you are in California.  7) You get to keep the scanner as fulfilment of your order, provided they are up to our standards.  8) If they don’t meet our standards (for some unbelievably unforeseeable reason), then we will ask you to ship them back to us. At which point you’ll have to wait until your final unit comes from China.  9) You MUST NOT, under any circumstances, modify, open, or damage the unit intentionally in any way, shape or form.
As we get the 45 units, they will be tested here, packaged, and shipped out to you. There is a tiny chance that these might not work for whatever reason (most likely shipping damage). If that happens, we’ll work with you to get it resolved. You should expect to have phone calls with me in the first couple of days of getting it!
So… if you’re excited, and you want to participate, copy and paste below into an email, and fill our your details. You’ll be sending it to Elyne, our head of Customer Service.
To:  Subject: I want to be a beta tester  Body:
(Your name)  (Your address)  (Your order number OR your email OR your indiegogo email)  (And a short rant about why you are excited to test a scanner)

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