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The Photon 3D scanner – Getting closer

The guys at Matterform HQ have announced when the new 3D scanners will be shipped out.  This means if we keep our fingers crossed it could be here for Christmas, what a prize draw that will be!

“After thousands of queries about when sales would open we’re excited to announce that the time is NOW.
Our Indiegogo adopters (that’s us ) will be the first to go out, but after that all new orders will ship on a first come first serve basis, starting at the end of November. Reserve your space in line by ordering soon!

There have been some big improvements across the board.

Low lighting, bright rooms, dark rooms – we wanted to make the scanner work in almost any condition – and we succeeded!  Direct sunlight will still be challenging and dark rooms will make it difficult to capture colour (geometry will still be captured  in dark rooms) but we’ve tested a bunch of indoor lighting situations and the scanner performs well.

We’ve also improved our algorithms on removing noise within a point cloud. This is a bit more technical than most people care about, but if you take a look at the comparison photo, you’ll see what we mean! You can also download new scans on our website here.

Speaking of which, NEW SCANS!  Go to our product page to download and check out some new objects we scanned, and one old object that’s been greatly improved.

You can read the tech specs at the bottom of this page

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