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The next update – Kit assembly

Hi Backers,
A few things we wanted to tell you all in regards to what is going on here at RoBo Headquarters and according to what some people have been asking about:
1) RoBo 3D Filament has been shipped! It will be here towards the end of April and will be available on our website to buy.
2) The forums have over 130 discussions, 1K+ messages, and over 235 members!
3) Another set of CNC parts have arrived and we are going to work on assembly videos as we wait for the final molded parts to arrive. We estimate we will get them at the end of April, but the middle plates we are expected to get soon and then we can begin further pre building printers into the middle plate (which will again reduce the time spent to build the final printers when the rest of the parts arrive)
4) Quick note, we have been doing rigorous testing on the y axis with two different options, the lm8uu bearings with smooth steel rods and a slider type of linear motion system. With the slider type, our precision and accuracy have proved to show more consistency with regards to printing parts. We believe that this is a minor change that will drastically improve RoBo 3D’s capabilities.   More here

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