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Kreyos Update

Hi Everyone,

In the previous update, we’ve talked about how we’ve completely addressed the microphone and speaker issue of the Meteor. We’ve created new molds that would shield the speaker—effectively suppressing sound that may accidentally be picked up by the microphone. We also went ahead and repositioned the microphone, improving its directional pick up. As mentioned on the previous update, the tests with the prototypes have successfully addressed the issue.

Right now, things are going smoothly over at our production facilities. The new molds are now complete and being tested with the Meteors. So far, we don’t foresee any hitches.

We’ve also done a survey for the limited-edition belt clip that we’re giving away to our backers a week ago. We’ve tallied the results and we’re happy to announce that the winning color for this survey is: ASH! Over 40% of your guys voted for this and we’re happy you picked it!

That’s all for now, fellas. For the next update, we’ll be giving you guys a sneak peak at the improvements we’re making to the watch UI—we are doing this in parallel and it’s being worked on by a separate team so don’t worry, doing this shouldn’t push the release date back. We figured we could make improvements to the firmware while we wait for the hardware fixes to get implemented.

We’ll keep you in the loop for more updates as we draw nearer and, as always, you guys can contact us via the comments section or through

Thanks for all your support guys!


The Kreyos Team

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