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Matter and Form 3D Scanner update

Hey everyone,
Great news from our production facility! We are right on track with the scanners being shipped out of our assembly facility at the beginning of July. We have hundreds of scanners currently piling up at the assembly plant, and QA is looking good.
Dylan, from Cortex-Design, has been there for the last week and a half overseeing the final production and QA for us, and we’ve recieved samples of the final units and new box artwork.
I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, and we can’t wait to start shipping them to you.




3 days ago


New Viewer and Beta Scan

Hey guys!

We’ve been working hard on an online viewer, so that everyone can see the scans (good and bad) coming from the Beta Testers.

So thanks to Daniel, here it is! It’s still a bit rough, but it does give the ability for everyone to view the models in 3D.

Because we’re still testing the viewer, we thought we start with this small model from one of our Beta Testers (as not to crash our site). A big thanks to Jamie who is willing to share his work. And just so you know, Jamie created this sculpture out of Sculpy, a very good material to scan.

Click the link to see his clown in 3D. Use your mouse to click and drag, to rotate around the object. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in for a closer look. Use the right mouse button to pan. And as always, let us know what you think!

We’ll post more scans from the testers in the next few days, but as we get closer to shipping date, we’re focused on working with our testers to get you the best software possible.

Thanks for being part of this, we are so close to the finish!

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