Matterform 3D Scanner

Its looking good!


Hey guys, here’s a good news post – it looks like we’re set to start shipping units from the factory next week. The last report we received is that 1700 units have been assembled. We’re waiting on one final piece to finish the production run – a new plastic calibration box we’ve designed to greatly improve the quality and accuracy of scans. We had samples sent this week and final production on the boxes is expected to be complete early this week.

The calibration process corrects for slight deviations from scanner to scanner in the orientation of the lasers and cameras. The whole process only takes a few minutes and you’ll be prompted to do it the first time your scanner starts up. Unfortunately, our old calibration cards were warping in different heat and humidity conditions, leading to inaccuracies in the scans. But in the last few weeks we’ve designed calibration boxes that don’t warp, and we’ve been developing a new calibration routine that will result in better scans across the board.

Once the scanners leave the factory, they’ll go to one of four warehouses (Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong) and will be shipped to you from the closest location. As soon as we send the scanners to the warehouses you will see an update in your order status online, and you’ll start being able to track the progress of your scanner.

Above everything else, we’re committed to giving you guys a great tool that you can help you create 3D content. I want to apologize again for the delays and thank you for your support and patience. I can’t wait to hear what you think of our product.