MORPHER: Folding Helmet Technology

The world’s first flat folding helmet. Incredible award winning life-saving technology!

The Morpher - Folding Helmet

The Morpher – Folding Helmet

Hi everybody

I told you that the next big target was the new 3d model and this was due on 20 May, a couple of days ago. My local independant engineer, Jarod, was then going to look it over and report to me.

Unfortunately the factory have delayed (again) and the model will not now be available to see until 26 May, two days after my engineer leaves with his family for a holiday in the UK! This leaves me with a dilemma as I have to keep things moving forward.  So I am once again going to go over to the factory, for an extended trip, so that I can inspect the work that has been done, advise on any necessary changes and then push forward to get the new tooling made… hopefully followed by production not too long thereafter!

I so appreciate your continuing patience and all of the simply amazing emails of support that I am getting. I think that you all know that I am trying my very best and hopefully your wait will prove to be worth it all in the end.

I haven’t yet launched the crowdfunding campaign but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know because i will send you all an update.

I had an email yesterday from a keen base jumper suggesting that Morpher was a great tool for base-jumpers to use. Cool!

Very best wishes to you all.