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The Pirate Journey Part 1

The Pirate Journey told by the captain himself!

Hi everyone!

Brendan here, today’s update is going to be slightly different from the usual. I decided to use my free time to write down our journey thus far from inception till today, to serve as a review for us and also to share with you the path we walk. Hopefully from the things I share, you may gain some insights in running a hardware startup to bolster your knowledge if you ever do attempt one.

Please take note, I run OPs for the company so what I share will have a more business/operations slant to it rather than say a super dig down into engineering technicals. The beginning takes us back a year to my final year in university…..

The Beginning (Some time a year plus ago)

Read more here..

This is going to be such a superb prize for someone in 2014.

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