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Polymakr update

Production Update #3

Polymakr - 3D Printing Filaments
Polymakr – 3D Printing Filaments


PolyMax PLA

All PolyMax PLA-only rewards (with a few exceptions) have been shipped!  The few exceptions are mostly those that require special shipping arrangements, which will be handled in the next few days.  If you haven’t received yours and are wondering about when you can get it, feel free to leave us a message.

PolyFlex and PolyWood

We are now onto the production of PolyFlex and PolyWood.  The process development of PolyWood has almost been done and we will just need another 1-2 trials to optimize the process conditions.  So far we are on schedule and will start shipping the rest of the rewards in about 1-2 weeks.

PolyMax PLA now available for public orders!

You can now order PolyMax PLA directly from our website (  It will also be available from our US distributor/partner Octave (  If you have missed our KickStarter campaign or just want to order some additionals, here you go!

PolyFlex and PolyWood will also be available once all the KickStarter rewards are fulfilled.

Thank you!

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