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PolyMakr Update

Hi Backers,

Just a quick introduction and small update on our progress to date.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Aaron and I am the new design and communications manager for Polymakr. I am here to improve, not only our company’s online presence and marketing but also to improve our presence here on kickstarter.

So with that introduction out of the way let me try help answers some of the questions and concerns that you may have on the status of your rewards.

To date we have fulfilled more than 80% of the rewards. Many thanks to those who have shared their successful stories, tips and tricks with the community. We always love to hear what people have to say about our filaments. To those who have not received their rewards yet, we apologise for the long wait but the end line is in sight.

Some of you guys have voiced your concerns about the delays so let me take the time now to fill you all in as best I can. The production of PolyWood turned out to be more troublesome than we had expected. We began producing the PolyWood in our labs in a small production batch. This allowed us more time and control over the process. The results were great and so we were ready to move the production to our full scaled line or so we hoped.

In fact this transition turned out to be extremely difficult. PolyWood is like no other filament out there. It’s physical architecture is made up of voids to create a foam structure. It is this foam structure that gives PolyWood its wood like characteristics. To create this foam structure additional steps must be added to our production line. These additional steps did not add too much time in a small batch but when scaled to a full production line these steps began adding up in a larger scale. The end result was that our production timeline was dramatically effected. To give you a comparative measure, the same production line, minus the additional steps, can produce up to 100KG of PolyPlus filament while with the additional steps our production of PolyWood is 10% that.

Saying all that we have just added a new production line to our inventory. This week we are happy to say that both of our full scale production lines are up and running. With the addition of our new line we estimate we will be finished producing all rewards by the end of next week.

Currently we are producing PolyWood at a very low productive rate but as we stand at the moment our company’s focus is to get all backers rewards out to them. After we successfully finish our kickstarter campaign we will then begin to implement more efficient process steps to help increase the production of PolyWood. With these improvements we are confident to say we can get our efficiency from 10% to 60% so no need to worry about any long lead times or shortage of stock in the future.

I hope that this update has cleared up some of the questions you guys may have had. We are so thankful to all our backers for all the support and patience that you have shown. If any enquires about individual shipping estimations or details please send us a private message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

On a final note, as we have mentioned we have received some great customer feedback. Some of the backers have been kind enough to share photos of their prints and we wish to share them with all of you.

Below we were sent some great photos from Josh, an early backer that has been lucky enough to be one of the first to receive our PolyWood filament. He has printed a bonsai tree. This model can be found on using the file number; thing:430957.

Josh also tried his hand at a post surface finishing process called Acetone Vapour Bathing. This post processing helps smooth the prints surface. Please note that without your full attention and care you may lose some detail and in some cases may in fact deform you model. It seems like Josh knows his stuff tho so the results came out great.

Due to the harmful fumes it can produce we do not recommend the use of Acetone to anyone but if you wish to try it, at your own risk, please ensure the room you use is well ventilated and you use a mask during the process.

Tri Kusumo is another backer who has received our PolyWood. He sent us photos of his spooky Skull Lantern for Halloween. Tri reached out to us through email to share some of his thoughts on PolyWood filament.

“When I received my rewards, PolyMax (3mm), PolyFlex (3mm) and PolyWood (1.75mm) I was surprised with their packaging, they are well packed: vacuum sealed in a reusable plastic. Each Spool is packed inside a small box together with it’s spec such as: suggestion for printed temperature and speed. I put the temperature and speed as suggested, and start printing PolyWood without any issues at all. Smell like wood, look like wood and great result, and for all I prints.”

 If anyone else is open to sharing there experiences please let us know, we would love to hear you. Keep you eyes out for another update coming this month.

Cheers Aaron

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