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Robo 3D Update “our apologies”

Hi Backers!
It seems like we are due for an update. Apologies for the delay! I just want to share some stuff that is currently on the table here and something we, as a team, are discussing. And we also ask you for your insight and ideas as we move forward!
As you all know, we have hired a great consultant that has been helping us reshape the business from a corporate structure standpoint and also helping us shape this business in a way that will allow us to be a big player in this amazing industry.  He asked us a question when he first came in to talk with us. He said, “What is your contribution to this industry?” We looked at each other and said a…”Umm. A nice, affordable 3D Printer” to which he replied, “There will be 100 of those in a year. Now let’s focus on what we can provide for this industry.


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