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Don’t miss out on our 3D Educational Special Offer!

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This above design was created by Steven Busch, Graphics Design tutor at the Shoeburyness High School, Essex, using our FREE 1 metre 3D filament sample pack.  See below for more details.


If your School, College, University or Academy already owns a 3D Desktop Printer, or you are currently investigating how 3D Desktop printing can fit into your educational curriculum, then you may also want to consider 3D FilaPrint as your number one preferred supplier for all your 3D printing filaments.  Currently available in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Scottish Highlands only.


We stock the widest selection of 3D Desktop printing filaments in the UK.

A huge selection of PLA and ABS filaments in 3mm & 1.75mm.  A whole rainbow of colours ready to use on the majority of 3D Desktop Printers.

Premium filaments such as Laywoo D3,  t-glase, Nylon, NinjaFlex and Laybrick are available.

We are also the CHEAPEST filament supplier in the UK.  This does not mean that quality or service suffers, it just means we take less profit!

The high quality of our product and the superb standard of service and support we give can be viewed on line from our eBay shop, outlet or informational website.

PLA coloured Pens by Loh Hu – Maker’s Affair
pla pens

We would like to offer you one of our FREE filament sample packs.

To order your Edupack click below

Please note, there is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of our filaments.  Although we are confident, that if you are not currently tied into any 3D filament supplier contract, when you try, you will definitely buy!  Our product is superb , our prices are unbeatable and our 100% support and service is there for you whenever you may need us, in and out of term.



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