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This is the section where our Sales Manager gets to choose what she thinks is the best 3D home printing project. No bribes please, then again…


My choice for this week

[fvplayer src=’http://3dfilaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Kill-It-With-Fire-3D-Printed-Spider-Robot-on-Prochan-com.mp4′ autoplay=false] Ok, now i’m not that squeamish, unless its a daddy long leg and that’s then takes us to a whole new dimension of fear.  But when I saw this (Thanks Dave E) and I managed to pull myself out from under the bedclothes I was both impressed and marvelled at the sheer […]

piggy bank

Piggy saves the day, well sort of

[wppum name=”First Prize Draw”] In this hard economic climate it may be the right time to look at alternative investments. The guys at Becon&Rind Investment Management Ltd have a completely new portfolio of financial products. One of these is the  piggy saver express. Which means you can get access to your money whenever you want it ( that’s if you have bothered to put […]