Tonys Pinball Creation reference guide

PinBall Parts

This pinball is designed on a Southend-on-Sea theme. Every part on machine tells the tale of something related to Southend-on-Sea.
Based on the southend features, Pier, Ghosts, Airport (sound activated) targets with Rainbow targets and Bowling Alley with beach and beach balls.
A complete 3D Printed plunger with spring, retraction arm and release and hit the ball action.
3D Printed Flippers powered by powerful solenoid
Seashell covered with lights inside which give a lovely effect in low lights or in when in the dark.
Kickers and SlingShot
Nice piece of slingshot to boost the power after flipper action.
Rainbow effect when you hit all the targets within the same game.
A powerful kick-out which activates the ghost feature
Southend theme bowling alley and pier ramp
BackGlass (nicknamed the medicine cabinet)
Pier silhouette with airplane Southend on Sea
Who doesn't want to score a high score?  Numbers and drums 3D printed also.
Other Features
The Ghost that wanders around the sea shores of Southend-on-Sea, activated when landing in a kickout (see above).
Bowling Alley, Southend Pier inspired ramp and the lovely seagulls.
Work in progress and printer working hard. Tony designed and made the 3D printer.  The Build area is A3 size to manage the big pieces of the playfield which printed perfectly smooth.
Ramps made from wood coloured PLA, which was curved using the warm water method.  The Bowling Alley flooring printed using BioFila Linen, giving a wonderfully smooth finish.
Playfield Parts
Ramps Design
Night view.