When business gets in the way

On from Video 1…

Now its really starting to hot up in the Photon Lab,   Adam & Drew just got that little bit more industrious, it does seem that we got in at the right time.  This is one heck of a project.  Once again 3D FilaPrint are right up there in the front of the queue with our 3D palms out, ready to grab the next big thing in technology.

Heres the latest updates from the boys at the MatterForm HQ or Lab as we like to call it.

“Full disclosure: Prices are going to go up for NEW buyers. If you’re already pledged, you’re OK. Actually, you’re better than OK, you may actually get your scanner earlier than expected. Read on…

When we started this we wanted to give everyone the best possible product we could, for the best price possible. Profit just wasn’t in the equation. This was about freedom. We quit our jobs and we were going to eat macaroni & cheese for dinner, and cast the plastic ourselves.

We sold more than 300 units though and we had to make a call. Stop or continue… we went for it, and so did all of you. An extra 450+ shared our vision..

We can’t make 700 units (11,900 plastic parts) as just Drew and Adam in a 600 sq/ft space. So the numbers on our end change. We’re getting the plastics done in the USA, and that’s great. A little neighbourly love and making jobs for everyone.

As we sell more units prices don’t go down as you’d expect, they unfortunately go up. We need more people to help make units, a bigger space and higher rent. We need an accountant, support, and to pay more tax on imported parts.

But this isn’t sour grapes, with more people everything happens FASTER. So when we told people they were ordering a certain batch, they may actually get it a month early. And we go from making things in a hobby shop to delivering a better product for everyone.

We’ve sat here arguing for days. We’re consumers, we like low prices, but if this is going to be a real company making a real product, things will have to increase. We also need to make sure the software has full support for years to come.

Our closest competitor sells their machine for $3000. We’re upping our price to $599 – so yes, that’s a jump, but it’s still the most affordable 3D scanner on the market, and every Photon will now be better than what we previously envisioned.

For anyone that’s already pledged, you can feel great that you got one heck of a deal. For anyone that’s been on the fence, you have one last chance to get in at $449.

The more units we sell and the more money we raise, the better we can make the Photon and the faster we can ship it to you – you’ve made us a company, and in return we’re making you a killer product we believe in. Keep sharing the link and supporting if you believe in us – if we hit our stretch goal of $1M in the next 2 weeks, we’ll be able to do more things and include some special surprises.”

Kerrching! I guess we at 3D FilaPrint struck lucky again.