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The emotiveinsight

The EmotivInsight

[embedit snippet=”emotivinsight”] Emotiv Insight is a  sleek, 5 channel, wireless headset that records your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data you can understand. Designed for everyday use, Insight has advanced electronics that are fully optimised to produce clean, robust signals any time, anywhere. Performance: Insight measures and tracks your Attention, Focus, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, […]

The Kreyos smart watch - His & Hers - Already won

Kreyos Smatch Watch

[embedit snippet=”kreyos-smatch-watch”] The only waterproof, interactive smartwatch to feature a microphone and speaker, the Kreyos Meteor allows you to control your smartphone functions remotely using voice or gesture commands. To use voice control, simply pair your Meteor with your smartphone via Bluetooth. In minutes, you’ll be able to call friends, respond to texts, send emails, […]


Yuliyas Choice HIPS

  I was impressed when the guys printed this within just two tries, with a little bit of cussing and foot stomping, something about levelling the bed they say! You have to be patient though, as the dissolving bit can take a little while. You can download the Hilbert cube at You can purchase HIPS from us at […]


Bucanneer Interview with You Jun (Chief Designer)

This ladies and gentlemen is what we stand for and what you are backing. It should be the printer that solves the woes of many who have tried 3D printing and gotten tired of calibration and low reliability and lack of consistency. We are here to build a 3D printer everyone can use, that is […]

updatd design

A 3D Scanner worth waiting for

The time is getting near.  Just in time for Christmas we hope! “Shipping is slated to START at the end of November 2013 but we need you to confirm your shipping address through the link we’re sending you so that there are no delays”. You can read more here  


Scanadu Update

Keeping you informed.. We know everyone is anxiously waiting and that March cannot come soon enough, but we are working hard making sure all the pieces to the puzzle (hardware, firmware, software, algorithms, testing, manufacturing and assembly, packaging, FDA, etc…) all fit together before March.  We very much appreciate everyone’s comments and contributions and look […]