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Emotiv Update

Dear Backers, Activities are progressing at a frantic pace. We are currently managing 8 different vendors and many consultants to make sure all of the pieces come together at our manufacturing facility in December. Geoff will be traveling to Vietnam in early December to help commission our polymer sensor production facility, followed by meeting the […]


Buccaneer 3D Desktop printer update

Weekly Update: Unveiling our Printer – The First Collection Run! Hey Kickstarter Backers! Roger here, and I’m sitting with some of the printers that we will be sending out next week. And the good news is that… some of you will be the lucky guys who can come in, self-collect the printers, and see our […]


Canary Home Security Update

Hi friends and supporters, Our initial shipments over the past few weeks marked the very first production-level Canary devices being shipped out into the world. This is a huge milestone. Thanks again to those of you who are in this initial group and have been giving us feedback. We deliberately kept these shipments very small […]

Coming soon to a FREE prize draw near you!

Weekly Update: The November Shipment is Coming! Hi Backers, Brendan here. Things are super exciting for the month of November, and today, we will talk about the delivery schedule. Your printers are being built, and we will begin shipping from the mid of November as we finalize things like 1) Our improved packaging, to make […]