3D Desktop Printing Safety Tips

Having been 3D Desktop printing since the end of 2012, starting out on our very humbling (and still humbled) position as 3D printing enthusiasts.  We have endeavoured to keep our FDM machines in top condition and replace parts when showing signs of wear and tear.

Making sure there is plenty of space for ventilation, signs and notices warning users of moving parts and “Hot Ends”.  Placing 3D Printers on stable surfaces, so as not to have excessive wobble whilst printing.  Ensuring at least some practical preventative maintenance, tightening belts, screws and lubricating when required.

But the one worry we have always had, irrelevant of machine type or place in our unit (we operate on 2 floors, in several different rooms/suites).  Is the remote/possible/chance that maybe just maybe one of the 3D printers may decide to catch fire!

We like to think the probability of that happening is very remote and ensure everywhere there is a 3D printer located, it is accompanied by a fire extinguisher (as you should).  We even have remote monitoring of our machines through our extensive security CCTV and secure IP configured webcams, plus the use of the wonderful Octoprint.

However as an additional precaution we have now invested (for those long overnight /overday prints) in a few of these handy little balls of safety.

Making our lives a little less edgier 🙂  Have a great time 3D printing, we certainly do!

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