3D Printing for Education

3D printing is a beneficial tool for education at all levels, from primary to university. It allows younger students to develop creativity and problem-solving skills while improving their spatial reasoning abilities. At the university level, 3D printing offers practical application of STEM concepts, allowing students to develop valuable skills for future careers. It also encourages interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities.

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We have many education-based customers, from schools to universities. 3D printing is leaving its mark on the education sector and brings many possibilities and new ways of learning. If you have any questions about 3D printing in education, feel free to use our live chat, call us on 01702 611027 or email enquiries@3dfilaprint.com. This study from the Department of Education provides valuable context on the introduction of 3D printing into schools and its success as we see more educators bring 3D printing into the classroom.