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Please read the FAQ section below as incorrect use will result in an inaccurate estimate for what you require

FDM printing is a process where plastic is fed through a heated extruder which melts the material, layer by layer, onto a print bed. The finished result includes layer lines which can be sanded and painted over. We would recommend this process for larger, less intricate models.

Resin (SLA) printing uses a process in which liquid resin is “cured” layer by layer with a UV screen. Resulting prints are more detailed than FDM. We would recommend this process for smaller, more intricate models.

If we think you would benefit more from using a different print method we will send an accurate quotation based on what we recommend.

If you’re still not sure which print method to pick, feel free to use the live chat or drop us an email. 

PLA is the standard for most models as it comes in the wider variety of colours and is more cost-effective. If your model will require increased durability, choose PETG. For models that need to be very strong, choose ABS. For models that are going to be outside, use ASA. For more information about which material you should pick, see our Materials Guide.

Possibly. The only reason the accurate quotation could be more than the rough estimate is if your print is not possible using the print method you specified or will result in a low quality print. We will explain any recommendations when we provide an accurate quotation. Our tool is also in beta, if you have any feedback, please contact us.

The materials you see listed will be suitable for most models. However, if you would like to request a material or colour from our store, include it in the comments section and we will send you an accurate quotation.

Someone may have already made what you’re looking for. You can find a variety of free and paid models online. Some great resources are thingiverse.com & cults3d.com You must be aware that some models, especially those from licenced material such us Marvel, Disney, etc. will be subject to review and we will request the source of the model.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, no worries. We have a design service, email us at enquiries@3dfilaprint.com with your design requirements. We will then be in touch to discuss the design process.

Send us an email at enquiries@3dfilaprint.com with the model files and any other requirements. We will send an email with recommendations and price.

If your model file (.stl, .obj) contains more than 1 model, please use the bulk uploader further down the page otherwise the quotation will be in-accurate.

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for any design or print jobs. If your job requires an NDA, do not use the quotation tool, instead contact us via email at enquiries@3dfilaprint.com or call us on 01702 611027.

The lead time varies depending on the model. We will provide the lead time along with the accurate quotation.

How to Use:

  1. Upload your model to the tool below.

  2. Adjust your model to the correct size

  3. Pick the print method, either FDM or Resin (SLA).

  4. Pick a material you would like the model to be printed in. For more information about which material you should pick, see our Materials Guide.

  5. Include in the comment field what the part will be used for. This will help us make the best recommendations for your print. 

  6. We will then contact you with an accurate estimate and/or recommendations to get the best out of your print.

Please note the price below is a rough estimate only. We will contact you with an accurate quotation. If you would like a model designed for you, require any information or assistance, feel free to give us a call on 01702 611027 or use the live chat.

Note for Licenced Models: Models from licenced properties such us Marvel, Disney, etc. will be subject to review and we will request the source of the model.

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Bulk Uploader

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