Save 5% off when you send 1KG or more

As you may know, 3D printing can leave behind a lot of waste, usually a result of failed prints, support materials or spoiled spools. It’s hard to know how to dispose of this waste, that’s why we have partnered with Southend City Council and Plasticity to accept leftover 3D printing waste to be recycled including:

 – Empty Spools

 – PLA Waste (rims, rafts, supports, failed prints, etc.)

 – Modified PLAs e.g. composites, PLA+, PLA, PLA Pro

For PET/PETG/CPE, some local councils can recycle these materials as they are essentially the same as empty drink bottles. However, you should confirm this by visiting your local councils website.

You can read more about the Plasticity Project and our involvement here.

You will receive one 5% off per KG of waste*

Send your waste to us at:

3D FilaPrint Ltd @ Launchpad

Airport Business Park

Cherry Orchard Way



Include the dispatch form with your name and email address for 5% off your next purchase*. This information is only used to send the discount, it will not be shared and you will not be opted in to any emails if you have not already.

If you are interested in recycled filaments, you can check them out here.

This is a free service, although we do not cover costs of postage. However you are very welcome to drop off your 3D printing waste at our office, which is the same address listed above. We are open 9am -5pm, Monday to Friday. 

*For amounts greater than 1Kg of PLA waste. 1 coupon use per order, online use only. Cannot be used in-conjunction with any other offers.