The Really Useful USB Key
A compendium of 3D Printing information
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A 3D Printing Guide

A compendium of useful information
We have put this list together for our own use and for anyone who likes to have all their information in one place and then stored it on our really useful USB key.
By April 2018 we will have been fortunate enough to be involved in 3D Desktop printing for 5 years.  During which time we have viewed many interesting and amazing web pages, web links, forums and people, that we have come across or been advised of by our wonderful customers, which has made our journey both exciting and rewarding.
If you would like to add any information/links or remove items from the following pages then please drop us a line at and we will arrange to have this file updated. Last updated 04/11/2018
Thank you, we hope you enjoy your journey as much as we have – 3D FilaPrint