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Canary Home Security Update No 24

This month, we’re seeing the hard work and sleepless nights all come together. It’s energizing to be so close to getting Canary into your hands. Our whole team has been heads-down—fine-tuning our firmware, securing our infrastructure, and tweaking the mobile app—to ensure that every interaction with Canary is amazing when backers and pre-order customers start […]


A Buccaneer Update

Weekly Update: Extension of Survey Deadline and Some New Information Dear Backers: Brendan here again, and I’m here to let everyone know about: The improvements Buccaneer-C (cold-bed) has over the previous Buccaneer-Beta. The differences between the Buccaneer-C (cold bed) and the Buccaneer-H (heated bed). I want to provide more information about the above points; as […]


The Buccaneer 3D Desktop printer

Weekly Update: Production for our 3rd Production Run  Hey Backers, For this week’s update, we are pleased to announce that the production for the 3rd production run is going on schedule and will be done in August. This is a small batch, which will be used for internal testing and some samples to distributors as […]


Canary home security system

Hey friends! Every month is a big month at Canary, but the past month felt particularly exciting for me personally. Why? Well, as many of you know, we’ve been intensely focused on testing for the better part of 2014. During lab testing, we identified and resolved some issues surrounding Canary’s temperature sensing abilities. Our design team continues […]