Carbodeon PLA has been discontinued at 3DFilaPrint

Unfortunately, Carbodeon will no longer be stocked at 3D FilaPrint. However, we have selected some alternatives for you to try if you’re looking for a high-strength PLA:


ePLA-ST has higher impact resistance, higher elongation at break, lower warpage. During printing, the connection between the layers is also very smooth, the print will be more resistant to light ageing and air oxidation. It is easy to bend under pressure, not easily broken, and has super toughness.


A super high quality PLA which can be annealed (oven baked) to create strong and durable parts similar to that of ABS but 100% biodegradable and odour free.


HTPLA from Proto-pasta can produce high strength with annealing. Comes in several different varieties including carbon, matte fibre and multi-colours.

PolyMax Tough PLA

PolyMax Tough Superior PLA is a 3D printing material with excellent mechanical properties for printing high quality parts. PolyMax Tough PLA has an impact resistance of up to NINE times that of regular PLA, and better overall mechanical properties than ABS.