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Latest Buccaneer Update

Pirate3D Update 12th Feb 2015 Hi Backers, Brendan here, today we will be talking mainly about production and some misc items in this update. General State of Production Current Capacity: 12-20 printers a day depending on yield of final testing station, current yield stands at 90%. Issues Faced: Our biggest issue is variance in quality […]

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Another Bucanneer Update

End-Jan Update: Refunds, Shipping Schedules and Some Prints  Hi Backers, Nice to see you again. Let’s dive into this end-of-month update 1) Delays for January Refunds We acknowledge that there has been a delay in the refunds recently, and that has been really frustrating for us as well because it was matters out of our […]


Buccaneer 3D Desktop printer update

Weekly Update: Unveiling our Printer – The First Collection Run! Hey Kickstarter Backers! Roger here, and I’m sitting with some of the printers that we will be sending out next week. And the good news is that… some of you will be the lucky guys who can come in, self-collect the printers, and see our […]

Coming soon to a FREE prize draw near you!

Weekly Update: The November Shipment is Coming! Hi Backers, Brendan here. Things are super exciting for the month of November, and today, we will talk about the delivery schedule. Your printers are being built, and we will begin shipping from the mid of November as we finalize things like 1) Our improved packaging, to make […]


A Buccaneer Update

Weekly Update: Extension of Survey Deadline and Some New Information Dear Backers: Brendan here again, and I’m here to let everyone know about: The improvements Buccaneer-C (cold-bed) has over the previous Buccaneer-Beta. The differences between the Buccaneer-C (cold bed) and the Buccaneer-H (heated bed). I want to provide more information about the above points; as […]


The Buccaneer 3D Desktop printer

Weekly Update: Production for our 3rd Production Run  Hey Backers, For this week’s update, we are pleased to announce that the production for the 3rd production run is going on schedule and will be done in August. This is a small batch, which will be used for internal testing and some samples to distributors as […]

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Buccanneer 3D printer update

Hi everyone! Brendan here and I am back for another update. CE WEEK We will be show casing our latest version of printers at CE week. The printers with auto calibration, new bed material, new spooling tub and other improvements are in there. If you happen to be there or know anyone going there, […]