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Emotiv Update

Dear Backers, Activities are progressing at a frantic pace. We are currently managing 8 different vendors and many consultants to make sure all of the pieces come together at our manufacturing facility in December. Geoff will be traveling to Vietnam in early December to help commission our polymer sensor production facility, followed by meeting the […]

EMOTIV INSIGHT Project Update #51

Thank you to all the Backers who have provided us with their expert knowledge to assist in addressing some of the challenges or made introductions to potential solution providers. We really couldn’t make Insight without each and everyone of you. This is an incredible journey for everyone as we break new ground in engineering revolutionary […]

EmotivInsight Update

Hello Backers!  Thank you for all your patience as we prepare this next update. Rest assured our team is working day and night to make Insight for all of you.  We stand behind our promise to deliver an amazing product and are putting everything into the Emotiv Insight.  Without further ado… Tech Update  The Emotiv […]

The EmotivInsight Update

[embedit snippet=”emotivinsight”] Insight into Insight Design-A-Thon: 2-22-2014 Without further delay, we are excited to announce the date for our Design-A-Thon- February 22, 2014 in San Francisco! “Insight into Insight” is a contest to curate ideas for new applications with Insight. At the Design-A-Thon, some of the brightest minds from around the world will come together and […]

The emotiveinsight

The EmotivInsight

[embedit snippet=”emotivinsight”] Emotiv Insight is a  sleek, 5 channel, wireless headset that records your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data you can understand. Designed for everyday use, Insight has advanced electronics that are fully optimised to produce clean, robust signals any time, anywhere. Performance: Insight measures and tracks your Attention, Focus, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, […]