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Creopop Update


Hello friends and supporters,

I am writing this from a rather crammed United Airlines economy seat on my way to San Francisco and later San Jose where CreoPop will participate in DEMO ( next week.

Since a few weeks back we have engineers on the ground in China working with our contract manufacturer. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster journey as you solve one problem and another emerges. However, yesterday I received a mail from a colleague that I thought I should share with you as it made me happy:

“We received the brand new 4th generation pens from our contract manufacturer based on the latest set of improvements. We have tested the new pens thoroughly and are happy to say that they work much better than before. The nozzle design is much improved and we don’t have the same issue as before with clogging. The pen is also much quieter after we changed the motors. The ink cartridges slide in and out more easily than before. There are new 4-pin connectors so no more wires which make it easier to open and close the pen. The various speeds of ink extrusion work pretty well but we need to do further testing and we envisage some further improvements. I’ll bring a number of pens to DEMO for testing with a new set of users. Let’s see what the feedback is like but I’d say that we are now within an inch of being able to start mass production. Fingers crossed.”

We are working 7-day weeks to bring you a great product as quickly as we can. While we can start production at any time, we do not want to press the start button until we have a product in hand that we feel really proud of. I for one am excited to see the new pens in action next week.

As usual, if you ever have any questions about CreoPop, please drop me a mail

Best wishes,
Andreas Birnik
Co-Founder & CEO @CreoPop

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