Customer Highlight: Polymate3D

Customer Highlight: Polymate3D

At 3DFilaPrint, we love celebrating the creative achievements of our customers. Today, we’re excited to highlight Polymate3D, dedicated to crafting high-quality speaker drivers using 3D printing. By utilizing 3D printing technology, Polymate3D has been able to produce speaker drivers that deliver exceptional sound quality and demonstrate the remarkable possibilities of 3D printing. Paul has kindly provided more information about his projects and how they come together using 3D printing. 

Some of Pauls builds with normal speaker drivers and wooden cabinets

“Before I got into 3D printing, I was a big fan of DIY projects and DIY Audio, producing multiple speakers over the years

This however always meant buying finished drivers, and sometimes entire builds would result in a lacklustre result. A huge waste, but the design was built for that specific speaker driver. What if you could design your own, and then have the driver be the part you swap out instead? Don’t like the sound, just swap it out! Got some broken drivers? Retro fit some 3D printed ones!

I got my 1st 3D printer and instantly realised the tolerance levels and detail could enable me to do this, and so I started the long journey of learning what makes a speaker driver work, and how to do it with 3D printing. This started in 2016 and is still improving now in 2024! Turns out designing speaker drivers to perform well is massively challenging.

Breakout view of Symphony 7

I specifically use FDM 3D printing due to the filament variety available. Everything from super soft Varioshore TPU and exceptionally stiff Polymaker PA6-CF enables a wide variety of possibilities. 3DFilaprint have enabled me, through their samples on their website, to test these wide array of options in an affordable fashion to make the project move forwards. It also allows quick experimentation without the need for injection molds or tooling.

Example of a idea to be tested, which is easily done with 3D printing

Since the beginning of the Polymate3D project in 2016, 3D printing is only getting faster, cheaper, and overall better, and the project is now moving from ‘can you 3D print a speaker driver?’ to ‘What other advanced, practical applications can we use 3D printing for?’

3D Printing enables you to design and create things to a high level with no special tools or skills with your hands. It enables you to continue to push your creative ideas whilst it does the hard work for you, and this project simply wouldn’t be possible in a household without it.”

Paul is one of our many talented customers who bring their projects to life with 3D printing and its near-limitless capabilities. We are pleased to be able to join them on their journeys highlight the amazing things they do.

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