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Emotiv Update

The emotiveinsight
The emotiveinsight

Dear Backers,

Activities are progressing at a frantic pace. We are currently managing 8 different vendors and many consultants to make sure all of the pieces come together at our manufacturing facility in December. Geoff will be traveling to Vietnam in early December to help commission our polymer sensor production facility, followed by meeting the mechanical team in Shenzen, China to supervise the initial trials of the remaining injection tools and approve them for production, then he will visit our manufacturing contractor to supervise the pilot run and assist in developing the operations and testing procedures. It’s all- Go! Go! Go!

Production tooling and preparations: 

Our injection moulding contractor has promised that all tools will be ready for test shots by the second week of December. In order to speed up the approval process for each tool, our mechanical team will be present for the test shots and will be able to help immediately to refine the tools and approve them for the pilot run without lengthy sample shipping delays. We will also be able to produce the pieces for the pilot run without needing to dismantle the tools, we will be able to run them immediately upon approval. Before we can run test shots, we need to provide our supplier with five different flexible printed circuit boards fully loaded with electronic components. Our contractor (in Canada) is working around the clock to produce samples and enough pieces to support the pilot run and the first production run. We are also coordinating deliveries from our connector manufacturer in Taiwan, PCB manufacturers in Australia and China, cable supplier in Shanghai, packaging designers, special material suppliers and many others in order to make it all come together at the right time.

Pilot Production run and subsequent schedule 

As outlined in our previous update, our pilot build run will consist of 200 units, covering the T1 reward tier and some spare units for regulatory testing, demonstration units and destructive testing. We are acquiring all parts for the entire build of reward units, which will commence roll-out over the subsequent weeks, in order of initial pledges. We expect to start making headsets in the last two weeks of December.

 Sensor manufacturing facility

We are delighted to announce that our polymer manufacturing facility has commenced the construction phase. We are acquiring equipment and materials which will be used to make sensors for the main production run. We are already gearing up our research lab in Australia to make units for the pilot run in case there are any unexpected delays in getting our facility opened for business.


We have now commenced the industrial design and electronic layout for Extender. A tentative concept for the case is pictured below. The case will include a pocket clip and lanyard anchor to allow users to record EEG data directly to the SD card with no external connection to other devices.

Extender case concept
Extender case concept
Extender case concept
Extender case concept

We’re getting closer and closer to delivering Insight to all of you. This has been a long and arduous path that has been made easier with all of your support and messages of encouragement.  We will not compromise on our promise to deliver a high quality premium product, and we will not rest until we’ve shipped all Kickstarter backer rewards. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

Tan, Geoff & the Emotiv Team

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