Conductive PLA 1.75mm

Conductive PLA 1.75mmPictures and settings: Tony's Buzz Trace openscad (see below)
Kindly submitted by: Tony
Using a: Homebuilt and own designed 3D printer
Warm Blue Tape platform 50c
Nozzle Size: 0.4  E3D V5
Extrusion Temp 230c
Settings: Print Speed 30mm/sec  Travelling speed: 60mm
Layer height 0.3   - Infill: 5%
Time to print: see below
Notes: This was printed using Proto-pasta Conductive PLA & Reprapper Tech PLA Wood (only wood colouring, no wood fibres present).
Aluminium bed with blue tape. Item is a conductive track for a nerve skill machine. It is the black part of the photo. Track is 5mm square section with 5% infil ( to save material) and 2 layers all round. Print size 320mm x 240mm. Actual length of track is 1200mm and measures only 4000 ohms end to end. I used the top end of the recommended temperature i.e. 230 dec C to ensure good adhesion. I have not tried lower temperatures. Easy to print as any PLA
The machine consists of  8 parts:


8 hours, 52 metres of 1.75


3 hours each, 20 metres of filament each


1.5 hours, 3 metres of filament

Docking Station (2)

21 minutes  each, 0.6 metres of filament

Conductive Trace

1.25 hours, 8.25 metres


10 minutes, 1 metre

Connecting Lead

Using the Conductive PLA
The trace, hook and connecting lead were made of Proto-Pasta conductive PLA.  10 metres of 1.75mm was sufficient for trace , hook and connecting lead if 5%  infill is use
Machine was homemade scratch built. Bed size required  350mm  X  250 mm.
The resistance of the completed trace is approx.  4000 ohms.
Connectivity is easily detected using a pair of transistors in darlington configuration and a piezo buzzer. The Maplin water level detector is suitable.
All parts were designed on Openscad.
Tonys Buzz Trace in action!
The Making of Tony's Buzz Trace