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Photon 3D Scanner

And so it 3D photon grows

The Team has just grown and another Full Time member of staff arrives at the lab.

1 new Announcement:

UPDATE: Additional Programmer on the team + COLOUR (Color) SCANS !

Wow. What amazing feedback from all of you. We’ve loved all the emails & messages. It’s really great to see everyone so excited about what we’re making here, and we’re more than thrilled to get everyone even more excited.

Last night we signed the paperwork to bring another member into the fold. Our good friend and genius C/C# programer Trevor Townsend. Trevor has been with us in the background from the beginning as a friend and has been a huge help along the way for any questions we had, but now we can officially announce he’s with us FULL TIME.

Matterform just leveled up.

Going forward this means a lot of great things. Partnering with Trevor allows us to spend more time focussed on the final design and manufacturing of the scanner while Trevor ensures the software is as great as it can be. It also allows us to deliver some new features, the first of which is COLOUR SCANNING! Many of you have asked us for it, and while we realize it has little impact on 3D printing, it does impact video game creation, digital archiving or other design work (plus it’s just cool). We’re thrilled to add this feature in.

For the immediate future, colour data will be an available option when saving to a point cloud, but we’ll quickly aim to deliver texture mapping as well. Our goal is as always to make this scanner the best it can be, not just for you, but for us as well.

Because you’ve supported us, tweeted, blogged, facebooked us, and told your friends, we can continue to give you more than we originally thought possible. Thank you! Hopefully this won’t be the last of our exciting announcements.

– Adam & Drew




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