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Canary update Almost Here

Hello Canary friends and backers—

Happy new year! January is here and that means… Canary has begun mass shipping! This is a huge milestone. A little more than 500 of you should have received your shipping notification emails so far. That number will grow every day as we continue to send out more devices.


We’re so excited for all of you to receive Canary and start using it! The work that has gone into building Canary has been nothing short of herculean—and that work has been made possible every step of the way thanks to YOUR support. Now we’re excited to transition into a new phase at Canary: constantly improving the product through updates and continued innovation while supporting you—our users—in whatever ways we can. I’m happy to say that we’ve built an amazing in-house support team to answer questions and offer support as needed.

Finished but never final

We spent a lot of time fine-tuning Canary so that it’s an excellent experience right out of the box. The product which we’re shipping now is finished but not final—which means we will continue to update and improve the software. Over the coming months we will be building and adding new features that will enhance the experience.

Continue reading update on the Canary blog.

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