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Weekly Update: The November Shipment is Coming!

Hi Backers,

Brendan here. Things are super exciting for the month of November, and today, we will talk about the delivery schedule.

Your printers are being built, and we will begin shipping from the mid of November as we finalize things like

1) Our improved packaging, to make sure the printers don’t crack on their way to you.

2) Our certification processes.

We have determined your shipping schedule based on how early you backed, and also grouping to reduce shipping costs. So some people may get slightly earlier, even though they backed slightly later.

Emails will be sent to Backers from the November and December batches to ask for things like detail of your addresses, your handphone numbers and whatever else that we would need so that the printers will get to you.

Some other points of great news is that our apps finally got approved on the app store, so we will soon be providing links to all of you, so that you can download our apps on your iOS, your Android, and also for Windows. Now once you guys get your printer, and even when you come and play with our apps, we really appreciate any feedback you can give to us, so that we can keep on improving your printing experience.

Now that wraps up today’s update, and I’ll see all of you next week.

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