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CreoPop Update

Hello CreoPop Supporter!

WOW – Over the weekend, we reached 150% funding on our Indiegogo campaign and we are at 172% as I write this!

To thank all of our supporters we have made improvements to our referral program. For each person you refer, who pledges towards a CreoPop pen, we are giving you a $10 refund or 5 extra inks for free. So if you refer 8 people to pledge towards a CreoPop pen your own pen (pledged at $79) will come totally free and you just pay for shipping. Or should you wish, you will get an extra 40 cartridges of ink instead. It is all up to you.

Indiegogo has powerful analytics letting us track your referrals provided that you use the sharing buttons below the video at the top of the Indiegogo page ( The buttons look like this and when you use them, your message is automatically tagged with your referral URL:



Beyond using the sharing buttons, you can also spread the word about CreoPop to your friends all over the Internet to earn extra inks or refunds quickly! Get creative— Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon, BuzzFeed, Etsy, forums, blogs are waiting! And don’t forget to add your personal referral link to any messages. To find your personal referral link, just click on the Twitter and E-Mail referral links below the video and copy the URL.

We will contact you after the campaign has ended to ask you whether you prefer a refund via PayPal or extra ink. Extra inks are unlimited while refunds are capped at the amount of money you have pledged and at 12.5% of total amount referred.

Thank you again for your support so far!

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