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Hello friends and supporters,

Thanks for all your support during our Indiegogo campaign. It really means the world to us that you are helping to make CreoPop a reality.

Today is the final day of our campaign (ends at midnight US PST) and you have one last chance to earn referral credits. For each person you refer, who pledges towards a CreoPop pen, you earn 5 extra inks or a USD 10 refund.

How It Works: Pledge for the different perks listed on this page and use Indiegogo’s sharing buttons to let people know about CreoPopTM on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and via email. You can find Indiegogo’s sharing buttons under the main video at the top of this page. When you use these sharing buttons, your posts will be automatically tagged with your referral URL.

You can also spread the word about CreoPop to your friends all over the Internet and you will earn extra inks or refunds quickly! Tell them why You love CreoPop & get creative— Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon, forums, blogs are waiting! And don’t forget to add your personal referral link to any messages. To find your personal referral link, just click on the “Link” button below the video and copy the URL.

Within a week of campaign end, we are planning to send you a confirmation mail with the perks you have pledged towards, your referral credits and any extras you are eligible for. If you do not notify us of a preference for a PayPal cash refund, you will get 5 extra inks per referral. Once you get the mail, please notify us quickly about your preference and also in case you think we got something wrong.

As usual, if you ever have any questions about CreoPop, please drop me a mail

Best wishes,

Andreas Birnik

Co-Founder & Marketing Wizard @CreoPop

Cool Ink. Infinite Creativity.

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