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EmotivInsight Update

Hello Backers! 

Thank you for all your patience as we prepare this next update. Rest assured our team is working day and night to make Insight for all of you.  We stand behind our promise to deliver an amazing product and are putting everything into the Emotiv Insight.  Without further ado…

Tech Update 

The Emotiv Insight development program is behind schedule but progressing well. We have delivered four prototype Insight beta headsets to the early Partner-Backers and we now have all parts and equipment in hand to build a further 40 units which will be supplied to the remaining Partner-Backers and also used for in-house software and hardware development, demonstration applications and product performance testing. These units are being hand-built and we expect to commence shipments by the end of March. This headset build will include near-final electronics and firmware, which to date is performing exceptionally well.  We are trialling a Bluetooth LE chip which is also on-air compatible with the wireless chip fitted to Emotiv EPOC, so that older computers which do not have access to Bluetooth LE will be able to use the standard Emotiv USB wireless transceiver. We have also identified an inexpensive BTLE USB transceiver which can be supported on older Mac and Windows devices even if the OS does not explicitly support BT4.0 LE.  Our SDK and data streaming formats will also be wrapped to make them compatible with existing EPOC applications. In order to provide the best possible support to existing and future customers for both products, we are endeavoring to provide direct interoperability in as many applications as possible given the differences in hardware.

Production models

We have already commenced production of some of the injection molding tools and so far we are very happy with the quality of the parts we have received.  Our decision to encapsulate a flexible printed circuit board with fully loaded active amplifier circuits has proved very challenging to manufacture. We chose this path because it will result in the highest standard of appearance of the final parts, and will completely shield the extremely sensitive amplifier circuits from any environmental impacts such as rain, humidity and physical interaction with the user’s fingers or other wearable devices. We built a full development version of the rear sensor arm (Pz) and we have manufactured around 40 fully injection moulded arms in our desired materials, over the course of three iterations. We can confirm that there is no damage to the circuitry from the high pressure and temperature of the injected plastic, with all units passing the same electronic and environmental testing before and after injection. Our challenge is keeping the PCB and carrier strip centrally located in the tool as the process continues. All arms produced so far have been fully functional but we have a yield issue with the number of parts where the PCB penetrates to the surface of the part and has a poor cosmetic appearance. We are working to alleviate this and we have made significant progress over several iterations. I have attached images of some samples, with the final parts showing greatly improved yield. We are redesigning the tool and methods and we have identified injection molding partners who will be able to produce our parts. We expect to be in a position to release final tooling specifications for the rear arm within two months, with the remaining tools released to production immediately after we validate the Pz arm system in its final form. Usually it will take approximately 6-8 weeks after that date to commence tooling trial prior to the first high volume production run.

Redesign of reference arm (ear hook)

Following initial feedback from our testing group, we discovered that our intended design for the reference arm (located behind the ear) does not properly contact a number of specific head shapes, particularly at the smaller end of the spectrum. We are working to produce a more universal solution at present. To address this issue, we are exploring and experimenting with several alternate sensor shapes and hope to greatly improve the design to cover an even wider range of head sizes.

Software Development Kits

We have released preliminary Windows and Mac versions of the basic Insight SDK (using the existing EPOC USB wireless module) to Partner Backers.

We will be releasing the LITE version which permits users to build applications in the absence of hardware, using the Insight Composer application to emulate the headset and driver outputs, to all Developer & Research tier backers.  Please stay tuned for instructions on how and where to download InsightLite.

EPOC users will already be familiar with this scheme. The API is fully documented and developers will be able to get ahead of the curve to build and test applications. We will be adding Bluetooth LE support over the next month, and are on course to release Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone SDKs along with the anticipated shipment of your Insights.

Insight Extender

We have commenced the final engineering phase of the insight Extender. We expect to have functional electronics with full electrical isolation over the USB line and SD card in approximately six weeks. In parallel we have commenced the product industrial design process and we will be providing more detailed concept drawings by the next update.

Emotiv Design-a-thon

A wholehearted THANK YOU to everyone that shared last Saturday with us and contributed to an amazing event.  We are so inspired by all your enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity. We had so much fun brainstorming ideas, learning the best UX design practices, watching demos, and meeting like-minded people from all over the world!
 See all the projects on our Wiki!

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Emotiv Insight Designathon –

Most Helpful (Social Good): EEGCommunicator

Best Wearable Mashup: The locket from Mood Ring

Make A Mint: Neuro+ Neurofeedback

Most Innovative: Creative Cognition

Judge’s Choice Award: Brainability

Congratulations to everyone!  Special Thank You to our sponsors, Pivotal Labs, Unity, Aldebaran Robotics, and Hands Company! Check out the photos from the Designathon!

Emotiv on Mars! 

We’re proud to partner with the MarsCrew134, who are simulating the life of engineers and scientists in the harsh conditions of Mars.  Recently, the MarsCrew134 Analogue Astronaut Expedition simulated a mission to Mars over the course of two weeks at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the Utah desert. Dr. Susan Jewell, MarsCrew134 Medical Officer and founder of the International Space Surgery Consortium, led an experiment to play out emergency medical scenario.  Dr. Jewell is using  the Emotiv EPOC to track brain activity of the crew as they perform various activities and simulate scenarios.

Watch the interview:

Upcoming Events:  

Neurogaming Hackathon : May 3-4, 2014

Neurogaming : May 7-8. 2014

We look forward to seeing you at our next events!

Your Emotiv Team

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